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3 ways to keep your butcher shop clean

Summer is finally on the horizon, and that means the wonderful BBQ season is almost upon us. If you own a butcher shop, it’s good news because more customers are coming your way. But then again, while good for business, busier days and more traffic might make it a little harder to keep your store clean. As you strive to show customers your commitment to providing quality meat without compromising hygiene, here are three tips on how to keep your butcher shop as clean as possible. 1. Store meats separately Raw and cooked meats (like smoked, cold and deli meats) should be stored separately. If that is not possible, you can consider cooked meats on upper shelves, while raw meats are placed closer to the floor. This is to ensure juices that spill from raw meats will drip onto the floor instead of contaminating other food products. Also, package meat in airtight containers and always do so under refrigerated conditions, to keep your meat fresh. 2. Clean and clean some mor

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